More than a third of Australians are struggling or just getting by, ANZ financial wellbeing report shows

ANZ today released a new report revealing 36 per cent of Australians are struggling or just getting by financially, with 25 per cent sometimes unable to pay bills or loans when they get a final reminder.

 The report has been informed by the work of global financial wellbeing expert Professor Elaine Kempson and provides comprehensive insight into Australians’ financial wellbeing.

 Commenting on the report, ANZ Head of Financial Inclusion Michelle Commandeur said: “A key finding is that financial wellbeing is largely determined by a person’s behaviour and attitudes towards money, not just their financial knowledge and experience, or how much they earn,” she said. 

 “We will use these valuable insights to inform key initiatives such as our Saver Plus and MoneyMinded programs, which are designed to support people with financial capability and to develop a savings habit.” 

Published: 20 April 2018


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