Amazon Prime Video pay TV Plans

The cheapest and best TV plan of Amazon Prime Video with high quality channels for customers: compare cost of all existing and new prepaid Amazon Prime Video packages: On-demand streaming.

Periodic fee, $
Periodicity of commission
Free trial access



periodic fee, $


30 days

free trial access


Maximum video quality

Select titles

Offline viewing


Simultaneous streams

A list of all Amazon Prime Video TV plans is offered to your attention. Here you can compare the provider's fee and commission and choose the most suitable package of services. All Amazon Prime Video plans are sorted by periodic fee level. This is an important parameter that influences consumer choice, but you should also pay attention to other parameters such as periodicity of commission, free trial access, number of simultaneous streams, maximum video quality (SD, HD, 4K/UHD), offline viewing, content (TV shows, movies). Obviously, a more expensive TV package offers better video quality and more simultaneous streams.

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