ANZ Variable Rate Personal Loan in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ)

Find out rate, fees and features of ANZ Variable Rate Personal Loan in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ)

Monthly Repayment
Total Overpayment
  • Type of the loan

    Personal loans, Debt consolidation loans, Renovation loans, Holiday loans, Wedding loans

  • Minimum term

    1 year

  • Maximum term

    7 years

  • A kinds of the loan

    • unsecured

  • Interest rate


  • A type of the interest rate


  • Discounts to the interest rate


  • One-time fees


  • A type of the one-time fees


  • Periodic fees


  • A type of the periodic fees


  • Periodicity of the fee

    every 3 months

  • A redraw facility


  • Repayment periodicities

    • weekly
    • fortnightly
    • monthly

  • A maximum sum

    50 000,00

  • Requirements to clients

    Min age of applicant - 18 years, Only available to permanent Australian resident, Annual income must be at least $20,000

  • Registration terms

    It takes 20 - 30 minutes to apply online, and you can also save it for later if you need to. Once you're done, you'll get a response within 60 seconds. If you're already an ANZ customer, you could have the cash in your ANZ account on the same day you're approved, if you apply in branch before 12pm weekdays.

  • Data updated

    31 August 2018

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