Rocket Repay Home Loan

Find out how to get Rocket Repay Home Loan in Westpac Bank

Monthly Repayment
Total Overpayment
  • Loan name

    Second Home Loans

  • Minimum term

  • Maximum term

  • Interest rate


  • A type of the interest rate

    • variable

  • Discounts to the interest rate


  • Comments to the discounts

    under our Premier Advantage Package: receive up to a total of 1% p.a. discount off the standard variable rate depending on the total packaged loan amounts (new and existing)

  • One-time fees


  • A type of the one-time fees


  • Comments to the one-time fees

    0$ Under Premier Advantage Package

  • Periodic fees


  • Periodicity of the fee


  • A type of the periodic fees


  • Comments to the periodicity

    0$ Under Premier Advantage Package

  • An early exit fee


  • An extra cash ability

    Apply to access more funds using our "top up / loan increase" facility (fees apply)

  • A minimum sum

    250 000,00

  • An advance from

    0,00 %

  • An advance till

    100,00 %

  • Repayment periodicities

    • monthly

  • Repayment holiday

    If you've made extra repayments, you can take a break from making repayments. Pay interest only for up to 15 years (conditions apply).

  • A split ability


  • A redraw facility


  • Portable mortgage

    $300 per move

  • Data updated

    18 January 2018

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