Altitude Business Gold in Westpac Bank

Find out how to apply Altitude Business Gold in Westpac Bank for business purposes as VIP cards

Monthly Repayment
Total Overpayment
  • Class of the card

    Visa Gold

  • Type of the card

    VIP cards

  • Credit limit

    from 1 000,00 to 50 000,00

  • Grace period

    45 days

  • Purchase rate, variable

    20,24 %

  • Cash rate, variable

    20,74 %

  • One-time fees

    $ 0,00

  • Periodic fees

    $ 150,00, annual ($0 annual fee for the first year when you apply online by 30 September 2015)

  • Foreign transaction fees, %


  • Credit withdrawals in bank's branches


  • Credit withdrawals in ATMs of the bank


  • Credit withdrawal fees in ATMs of other banks


  • Missed payment charge

    $ 9,00

  • Over-limit fees

    $ 9,00

Additional features
  • Paywave


  • Comments to paywave

    For a fast and convenient payment option for purchases under $100 - simply hold your contactless card against the terminal wherever you see the contactless symbol or your card logo - no need to enter a PIN or sign (where available).

  • Free additional cards

    Yes (With Altitude Business Gold, you receive two cards - an Altitude Business Gold Visa and an Altitude Business Gold American Express®)

  • Bonus points

    Earn Altitude Points With Altitude Business Gold Credit Cards, earn Altitude Points per $1 spent on eligible transactions you can redeem a great range of rewards, for you or your business. 2 Altitude Points with Altitude Business Gold American Express card 1 Altitude Point with Altitude Business Gold Visa card Up to 3 Altitude Points at participating Bonus Partner store. See for details For each statement cycle, a cap of 20,000 points applies when using either or both cards. Bonus points do not count towards the points cap.

  • Bonus reward

    Redeem your Altitude Points (minimum 3,000) for a wide range of rewards including: Business rewards including office furniture and office technology Travel Flights Merchandise Redeem points for dollars into superannuation with BT Super for Life Gift vouchers.

  • Remote magement

    internet banking, phone banking, card, EFTPOS, mobile internet banking

  • Data updated

    26 October 2018

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