BusinessChoice Everyday Visa

Find out how to get or apply BusinessChoice Everyday Visa in Westpac Bank

A bank:Westpac Bank

A class of the card: Visa Card

A type of the card: Low rate credit cards, Low fee credit cards

Data updated: 19 March 2018


  • 0,00 One-time fees
  • 75,00 Periodic fees
  • annualPeriodicity of the fees
  • spend $15,000 or more on a specific card in a year for the annual card fee to be waived on that card in the subsequent yearComments to the fees periodicity
  • 20 000,00 A minimum credit limit
  • 100 000,00 A maximum credit limit
  • 45Grace period
  • 14,25 Interest rate (purchases)
  • variableA type of the interest rate (purchases)
  • 19,96 Interest rate (cash)
  • variableA type of the interest rate (cash)
  • 3,00 Foreign transaction fees, %
  • 2,50 Credit withdrawals in bank's branches
  • 2,50 Credit withdrawals in ATMs of the bank
  • 2,50 Credit withdrawal fees in ATMs of other banks
  • 9,00 Missed payment charge
  • 9,00 Over-limit fees
  • YesPaywave
  • For a fast and convenient payment option for purchases under $100 - simply hold your contactless card against the terminal wherever you see the contactless symbol or your card logo - no need to enter a PIN or sign (where available).Comments to paywave
  • YesFree additional cards
  • internet banking, phone banking, card, EFTPOS, mobile internet bankingRemote magement
  • Complimentary insurance covers include: Accountholder's unauthorised transaction insurance. Liability for unauthorised cardholder transactions limited to $20,000 per cardholder and $150,000 per account holder in a 12 month period Cardholder's transit Accident insurance protects against specific accidental death or injury when sustained riding as a passenger in a plane, bus, train or ferry Flight inconvenience insurance. When card is used to pay for a flight, cardholder is entitled to be reimbursed for certain costs for meals, refreshments, clothing, shoes and toiletries purchased as a result of flight delays or missed connections.Insurance

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