Which australian bank offers the lowest interest rates under the business overdraft

Bankchart.com.au has surveyed the terms of the offered business overdraft for termless in the national currency. Our website's analysts have studied the loan offers from all Australian banks.

As of 14 June 2018 the loans under review have been offered by 5 banks.  The average interest rate under such loans equals 7,38 % p.a. The total number of the loan programs available for the specified loan terms is 11.

The most affordable business loan is offered by Bank Australia. The comparison rate under "Commercial Overdraft - Residential Security" loan program constitutes 5,09 % p.a. The table below shows the best offers by each bank selected by Bankchart.com.au (in terms of costs) for the aforementioned terms.

The TOP -5 business overdraft loan programs for termless, as of 14 June 2018

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Published: 27 June 2018

Source: http://bankchart.com.au

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